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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

A: by Anna sends all their packages with Sweden Post. If goods are damaged or lost during transportation to the customer is A: by Anna debtors. However, you must notify A: by Anna timely (within 1 month). If goods are damaged or lost when you return it, you are responsible for payment.
Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.


Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, We do.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

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What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Klarna (invoice), Visa, Mastercard

If you choose to pay by debit card / Debit card so will be no extra charge in addition to a shipping fee of 59 kr
We currently accept only VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club . When you pay by card payment is handled by our payment partner DIBS to ensure fast and secure payment.

Some thoughts on how a card purchases go to :
– Once you have selected the products you want, and clicked through to the checkout , fill first in your personal information.
– Next select the card payment . The page is reloaded and you are forwarded to a secure page where you will get additional fields to fill in.
– Be sure that your card details are correct before clicking through to make the purchase !
– The money is reserved on your card ( meaning you can not access the money but they have not yet deducted ) .

A: by Anna sole proprietorship (7802154885) conducts activities for . The following payment terms refer to the business.
VAT of 25% is included in all prices . No charges are in addition to those in the trade list when you completed your purchase . You have the option to choose the payment method that suits you best . We offer 3 different ways to pay for your purchases . Credit card payment , invoice and payment.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

We are using Klarna and also SSL. So, yes it is safe.
A: by Anna Individual Firm saves NEVER any information regarding your card! All information is sent encrypted via secure servers ( SSL / HTTPS). You can ease yourself to investigate all information sent via the browser is secure by checking that the address bar begins with https:// (normal traffic goes over http://) handle personal data according to the Swedish Personal Data Act . This means that the protection of personal data under the conditions relating to the processing of those data.
Debit gear ( DIBS ) that all card payments go through meeting the requirements for PCI DSS.


How do I place an Order?

Online shopping -> add product -> check out . That all be it!

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You can cancel or change your order anytime. Noproblem!

Do I need an account to place an order?

No you dont need it. You can buy as a guest as well but we do recommend you to register in our system to receive Newsletters and last updates. Thanks

How Do I Track My Order?

Shipping company tracking # . We will send it to you once we process your order.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Namn: A:by Anna
Adress: Kungsgatan 56, 411 08 Göteborg
Mobilnr: 0733-926539

How Can I Return a Product?

# 1 Return bag:
When you return goods to us , you should ideally use the same bag that you received the goods in.
# 2 Return Shipping :
NOTE It is you, the customer who has the financial responsibility for your return to arrive.
NOTE: Normally, it takes about two weeks from the time you sent your return to us before you receive any refund. In exceptional cases, it can take up to 30 days for a refund which is the maximum time required by law .

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